Greetings from Boo Boo

Meow! Greetings from Miss Boo!

I can't tell you how much I missed my family while they were in St. Louis, especially Liam and Baby Garrett (even though I pretend to ignore them, I love those little guys).  I had to stay home in Virginia while they went to get Baby Garrett's new lungs.  I'm not fond of travel and kitties aren't allowed in the hospital or at the Ronald McDonald House.  I'm glad they're home now, especially since it's my favorte time of year -- the time when a big tree lands right in the middle of the living room! 

Boo in crib

I love to sleep under the Christmas tree, and Garrett likes to come see what I'm doing.  He even says my name now!  I love my family and do my best to be cute and adorable to take their minds off their worries.  But, even though cats have big hearts, we aren't born with deep pockets—or any pockets.

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You're the cat's meow!

Love, Boo Boo

Boo Boo and Garrett 2007