My name is Liam

My name is Liam, and I want to tell you about my baby brother Garrett.  My lungs are ok, but Garrett's lungs were sick.  It was hard for him to breathe, so he had to go on a big airplane to St. Louis to get new lungs. I really missed Garrett when he was in the hospital, but now I'm so happy he's home and feeling so much better.  Garrett's pretty cool for a little brother.  I like playing with him a lot even though sometimes he takes my toys.   

I liked living in St. Louis, but I'm glad we're home in Virginia.  We did get to do some cool stuff there like go up in the Arch and go to a Blues hockey game and a Rams football game.  And, I got to meet Ronald McDonald.  He has red hair just like me.  We compared shoes.  His are much bigger than mine.

Liam and Ronald McDonald

Do you want to see some of my artwork?

Here's a butterfly I made for Garrett when he was in the hospital:

 Liam's Butterfly

Here's one of my paintings: